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The biggest Inventory of Ford F-150 Trucks in Eastern Ontario is at James Braden Ford


With 142 New Ford Trucks, We're Eastern Ontario's Truck Inventory Leader

The whole “We don’t know what to do with all of this inventory” spiel is a cliché in sales. Although many TV sales pitches blow inventory numbers out of proportion for the drama, having too much inventory can be a real problem. When you don’t have the room for normal operations, things become a little…cramped.

For instance, here at the James Braden Ford HQ, we’ve had to move our finance office to the roof and our sales team are doing their paperwork out of the cabs of the Ford trucks on our lots. While they prefer the decadent interiors of the King Ranch®, Platinum and Limited trim levels to their offices, we’re doing our best to bring everybody safely back under the roof.

The Most Trucks in Eastern Ontario are at James Braden Ford

At James Braden Ford, we have the largest inventory of not just Ford F-150 trucks in Eastern Ontario, but pickup trucks in general. This means that when you come to shop for a new truck – whether you’re looking for the easygoing efficiency of the Ford F-150 Power Stroke® diesel, or need the pure robust power of the Ford F-150 Super Duty, chances are good that you’ll find the model you want in the trim and colour which best matches your preferences.

Help us bring Andrea and the finances team down from their makeshift rooftop office and get Canada’s favourite truck at the same time. It’s a win-win.

The Ford F-150 - Canada's Favourite Pickup Truck for 52 Years Running

It takes a lot of skill to be good at something for over half a century. It takes more than just skills to be competitive, however. To be the best, you must be aware of what has made you strong in the past, stay on the cutting edge of the future and never compromise on delivering the best value.

The Ford F-150 is that truck and for over 50 years, Canada has stated clearly that no truck delivers a better mix of power, comfort and capability than Ford’s totem model.

The F-150’s biggest strength is its versatility. In its latest 13th generation, the F-150 is available with six powertrain options, a host of cab-size and bed-length configurations and seven trim levels. With so many options available, only James Braden Ford has the inventory to all-but guarantee that you’ll find the perfect F-150 for you.

Stop by today and see our selection. With over 150 F-150 models in stock and plenty of Super Duty trucks, you’ll find your next truck at James Braden Ford!