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Best Ford Models for Families

Here at James Braden Ford, we know that you rely on your Ford vehicle to transport the most important things in your life – yourself and your family. Every day, we help shoppers find and test-drive some of the best family-minded vehicles on the market. It just so happens that Ford vehicles offer many features that make them ideal for transporting families.

All families are different and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vehicle. For that reason, Ford has several cars, several SUVs and highly-configurable truck options that offer class-leading standard comfort and convenience features while allowing you to customize the size and capability you need for your family’s unique lifestyle.

Family Day For Ford Family Favourites

With February being the home of Family Day, we’re offering affordable pricing on some of Ford’s best family vehicles. Take advantage of low prices on three of the most comfortable and capable family vehicles that Ford offers.

Ford EcoSport

This compact SUV is anything but limited. With an interior space that’s seemingly larger than it is on the outside, the EcoSport provides the perfect balance between efficiency and performance. You’ll be delighted by the standard comfort and convenience features which give you and your family access to SYNC entertainment, plenty of cargo space and more.

Ford Escape

Ford’s legendary small SUV is also one of the best options on the market for families. The Ford Escape gives you and yours upgraded interior space that’s comfortable and refined with plenty of entertainment and convenience options. Space is at a premium for both rows that see drivers and passengers alike enjoy some of the best-in-class legroom and headroom. Cargo space is abundant ensuring that everything can come along for the journey.

Ford Explorer

Larger families and those looking for premium comfort needn’t look any further than the 2018 Ford Explorer. The 2018 Ford Explorer gives drivers an incredibly comfortable interior space with three rows that all provide plenty of legroom, headroom and cargo space. The Explorer gives you a massive cargo area as well as standard towing capability to bring more with you and your family than ever before.

For more information on these featured models or to schedule a test drive, contact us today!