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2018 Ford Explorer Vs. 2018 Toyota Highlander

Adventures are best when everybody gets to come along. It’s this philosophy that has guided the development and growth of the third-row crossover – a vehicle which gives drivers and passengers the ability to take more people and things to more places. These vehicles offer interior comfort and flourish, performance that makes towing and confident passing a breeze and the reliability and safety features to all-but ensure that the drive is memorable for all the right reasons.
Within this class, however, not all entrants are created equally. The Ford Explorer is a rugged veteran of family adventuring, spending years as a truck-frame-built SUV, it recently made the jump to a unibody crossover and drivers have never been more pleased by its combination of performance, handling and comfort. Going up against the Explorer is Toyota’s third-row crossover, the Highlander. Like the Explorer, the Highlander offers drivers a chance to take up to seven passengers past the line where the road ends and the trail begins. Let’s see how they measure up against one another.

2018 Ford Explorer


2018 Toyota Highlander

350 horsepower

Maximum available horsepower 295 horsepower

5,000 lbs. / 2,268 kg

Maximum available towing 5,000 lbs. / 2,268 kg
2865 mm / 112.8 inches Wheelbase (longer = smoother ride) 2788 mm / 109.8 inches
Yes Apple CarPlay / Android Auto compatible? No
Yes Standard compass? No
LED Standard low beam headlights Halogen
4304 L / 152 cubic feet Passenger volume 4106 L / 145 cubic feet
595 L / 21 cubic feet Cargo volume behind third row 391 L / 13.8 cubic feet


See More, Do More and Share More in the 2018 Ford Explorer

Coming from a proud lineage of trucks means you understand a few things about the industry to which other manufacturers just aren’t privy. The 2018 Ford Explorer is a vehicle built for customization and configuration. Unlike the 2018 Toyota Highlander and its solitary engine option, the 2018 Ford Explorer has three available powerplants, letting you choose between efficiency (2.3L EcoBoost® 4-cylinder) or raw power (3.5L EcoBoost® V6).
While the Ford Explorer may no longer be considered a truck due to its construction, it has managed to capture the versatility and utility of Canada’s favourite pickup truck for 52 years running, while not batting an eye on the efficiency and maneuverability of a much smaller vehicle.
While both vehicles see similar towing figures, it’s inside where the difference is made. After all, inside is where passengers will get to experience nearly 200 L of additional space in the Explorer than they would in the Highlander. Inside is also where drivers and passengers have significantly more space for cargo when all the seats are up.
Finally, inside is where you’ll find a host of amenities like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality that are not even available on the 2018 Toyota Highlander. The standard compass makes the Explorer ready to live up to its name, while the Highlander is missing in action on key capability and convenience features.
For more information on the 2018 Ford Explorer or to schedule a test drive with one of the many configurations we have on our lot, contact us today!

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