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2018 Ford Escape Vs. 2018 Honda CR-V

Compact crossovers like the Ford Escape give you the ability to get out and do more without compromising interior space, fuel efficiency, capability, safety or power. They’re the perfect vehicles for drivers who enjoy a comfortable and convenient commute to and from work Monday through Friday and work for the weekend when they can get out into the great outdoors with a vehicle full of gear and some friends.
Today, we’re comparing the Ford Escape to the Honda CR-V to help you find the perfect compact crossover for you. Both the Ford Escape and Honda CR-V are class mainstays that have been in the game for a long time and grown into popular models that find themselves at the head of the class. As we compare the two, pay special attention to the configurability of each and the thought put into versatility.

2018 Ford Escape


2018 Honda CR-V


Engine Options

245 horsepower

Maximum Available Horsepower

184 horsepower
3,500 lbs.

Maximum Available Towing

1,500 lbs.
1095 mm

Front-Row Legroom

1049 mm
2690 mm

Wheelbase (longer = smoother ride)

2659 mm

Base Model Colour Options


Starts At...



The 2018 Ford Escape is Another Huge Win for Canada’s Favourites

With the 2018 Ford Escape, Ford has taken a strikingly different approach to crafting a vehicle than many competitors have. While many competitors, including Honda, seek to imbue their crossovers with a one-size-fits-most mentality regarding engine and transmission options, Ford knows that drivers know best what they need and what they want.
For that reason, you can get the 2018 Ford Escape with three engine options that range in power from the thrifty 2.5L 4-cylinder that offers a spirited 168 horsepower to the range-topping 2.0L twin-scroll EcoBoost® engine that thrills with 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft. of mid-range torque.
The disparity between the two models’ configurability is especially evident in their maximum towing capacities. While the 2018 CR-V can tow a mediocre 1,500 lbs., the 2018 Ford Escape does more than twice that with a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. Simply, there are many fun things to own that you can hitch to your Escape but not your CR-V.
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